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I have already mentioned that I often give presentations at professional thematic conferences, about tax and economics. Parallel to this, I am more often accepting invitations to events with a wider audience. Most recently, I made an appearance at Forbes Flow, where we informally spoke about the business lifestyle, our personal lives and the ingredients to success. I gladly accept these kinds of invitations, sometimes even without fee, if I am particularly passionate about the topic of conversation.

Recent Highlights:

Orbók Ilona megjelenése a Portfolio Investment Day konferencián
Orbók Ilona megjelenése az  Egyenes beszéd című tévéműsorban
Orbók Ilona előadása a Business Talks '24 Üzleti Konferencián
Appearing at the Forbes Flow event, in the colours of BDO Hungary, as a luxury industry expert.
Family sustainability event organised by BDO Hungary.
Forbes Flow All Stars 2023 konferencián Orbók Ilona adott elő
Beszélgetés Orbók Ilonával a Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem diákjaival

Online interviews: 

Trend FM interjú a luxusipari szektorról Orbók Ilonával
Trend FM interjú a gyémántipar aktualitásairól, laboratóriumi gyémántok
Millásreggeli podcast műsor RadioCafe
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